How does it work?

Step 1 - Configure

Once you login through GitHub, you tell Pakkly how you typically name your files for each platform you release to, like Windows, Linux or Mac.

Step 2 - Get Installing

Pakkly automatically generates installers for every platform. A release hub is created that serves as a universal download link for your project. ...or you could always ignore it and make your own, your choice!

Step 3 - Get Updating

The Pakkly installer has a secret, it also makes your app auto-update! Users running your app will be automatically updated to the latest version on GitHub as soon as you release it!

...That’s it?

Yep! It’s as easy as that to ship your apps to any platform. Your app is installed exactly as-is and is updated with an extremely conservative updating algorithm. Pakkly doesn’t require any special library, if it runs, we can ship it!

Want some more in depth info?